Tuesday, January 14, 2020

RH Bill Essay

RH Bill is plausible yet we cannot be sure about what will be the incoming effect of it in the Philippines. The government says that the main problem here is poverty and with RH Bill, there would be a decrease in population so that poverty in relatively with population also decreases. Yes, the government has a point in that sense but morally speaking, is it what God wants us to do? There are some people who agrees with RH Bill because as we all know, the use of contraceptive will make us unfertile; and if a woman is unfertile, it will not become pregnant. Let us all be open-minded and say that nowadays, teens are engaging in sexual activities. Teens are truly engaging with sex. Most of them who engages with sex will be pregnant. If they are still not that responsible enough to have a child, they have an option to abort the child or not; if not, then the couple will most likely suffer in having an early marriage. I respect the opinion of others about their decision upon agreeing in this bill but they should have an understanding that when RH Bill is going to be a law, then the Philippines will somewhat be liberated. I passed upon a guy who is not a Pro nor a Con in RH Bill but has a point in telling us that, â€Å"I wouldn’t directly say that I am against it†¦but I wouldn’t also say that I am with it†¦on the surface, the law seems to be plausible†¦it is actually verging on good to great†¦but as Filipinos, the separation of the state to the church isn’t actually complied because as Filipinos, our value for life and morality is sky high†¦but we cannot also change the fact that we are not the most responsible people in the world†¦many youths that I know here on our place is actually engaging in sexual activities and they suffer for it†¦we can’t change the fact that we need to control the situation before it gets worst†¦guys, we ’re 92,681,453 and counting as we talk†¦we can’t just sit†¦we have to do something†¦ the church is here to teach the people of the values†¦the government and the state is here to implement the values that the church teaches†¦but if she can’t do the teaching, the state shall act upon doing what is right on his eye†¦let the church be the church and the state be the state†¦Ã¢â‚¬  but we must be careful about its effect. This guy has a good point in everything but teenagers who experienced early pregnancy should face their own consequences rather than encouraging other youths to engage in sex. Well, literally speaking, the RH Bill doesn’t encourage teens to engage in sexual activities but figuratively speaking, this bill somewhat encourages the teens to engage because of the thought that they won’t get pregnant and thus they’d be more liberated than ever. I respect the the governments’ idea about RH Bill because in the first place, they don’t want any abortion happening here in the Philippines nor having poverty because of having a child at an early age but I tell you, POPULATION is not the main issue here in the Philippines(well maybe a part) but POVERTY. Don’t tell me that poverty happens because of overpopulation. Well maybe yes†¦ but not the main reason. It is the CORRUPTION happening in our government’s the MAIN ISSUE here. Why concentrate in RH Bill when we should first plan a good system that helps the people in the Philippines which poverty will most likely decline. As a citizen here in the Philippines and as a Christian or a Catholic, would you like to have a liberated country? An immoral society? Think about it. Even though the RH Bill has a lot of benefits, it doesn’t mean we should make the disadvantages of the bill happen.

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