Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Service firm Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Service firm Management - Essay Example One, because professional services in business have increasingly become very important. Additionally, businesses require professional service firms in their efforts to attract and retain employees, motivate them, and give the knowledge they require (Rose & Robinson). The main concern of this article is to show how leading professional service firms are managed to overcome their challenges and still emerge profitable. Rose and Robinson affirm that by performing the best does not mean they do not have challenges; it only portrays how they effectively manage their challenges. He tries to list some of the key challenges faced by these firms such as staff satisfaction, client service balancing and partner profitability. Moreover they need to provide insights on things like leverage (partners’ ratio to fee-earners) and analyzing how busy the fee earners are (Rose & Robinson). This article emphasizes the importance of creating a favorable environment for both employees and clients in a company. According to Rose, personal engagement is the most appropriate way to lead a professional service firm. As a manager, one needs to be fully engaged in the company in order to realize good results. In a service company like this, its performance is not evaluated by the amount of products produced but rather the quality of services that it offers. As a manager of a service industry, one is required to be in constant assessment of the customers and employees needs (Rose & Robinson). The manager should device ways of getting feedback from the customers on the services offered. In addition, the manager should also be in close contact with the employees; asking them what they feel about the firm and be ready to incorporate their views to the running of the company. Another factor of good management is staff motivation. Rose & Robinson first highlight the main importance of recruiting competent individuals to the firm and then explain how creating a good environment for them

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